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In The Studio

Following his studies in New York City at the Art Students League, Ball became nationally and internationally renowned for his bold use of colour, form and compositional structure with his artist practice forming a vital link between Australian Painting and the New York School of American abstraction. Through each period of development Ball maintained an obsession with form, colour and light earning him the miner, the painter-poet. The Infinex Series works represent the pinnacle of his life long research.

With Ball’s works differing in nature depending on where and when he painted his works, there is an obvious patter and connection between each series and the environment in which he followed through with his creative process. Below are some images of Ball’s Studio, the place in which many different and diverse series were created and remain the legacy of this pioneer in Australian Abstraction.

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Glenorie studio in the 1990s.

Well, for me, the holy trinity of colour painting is colour, space and light.
Once you’ve got colour and space you are well on the road to getting magnificent light. You really are.
— Sydney Ball, 2012
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